You are cordially invited to the art lessons led by the academically trained painter Andrea Forsterová


  • September 15th 2016 the start of the new trimester – 6.00–8.00 p.m., U půjčovny 9, Prague
    (it is also possible to join the classes during whole year). We look forward to seeing you!
  • We are excepting applications for drawing and painting lessons-via email:
  •, tel. 777 533 112

What else will you learn in the lessons?
For example the basics of composition (for example the golden ratio, etc.), measuring proportions, perspective, contrast, shading, teachings about colours, how to mix them and basic painting procedures. In figural drawing you will be introduced to anatomy, portraits, capturing the proper gesture and movement. We will also touch on various periods in the history of art.

For the more advanced there will be guides for copies of the famous masters of old and modern art, the possibility of long-term work on detailed colour studies or on your own theme.

Free consultation. We can prepare applicants to schools that require a talent exam as part of the entrance exams in accordance with the school’s requirements. We provide consultation work, including consultation with an Academy of Fine Arts professor (docent, academically-trained artist Dalibor Smutný) . The success rate for acceptance at both high schools and universities (architecture, the Academy of Fine Arts, the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design, etc.) is high- 90%.

The lessons are led by the academically-trained artist Andrea Forsterová, who has extensive teaching experience (see the references). She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, majoring in painting, and from the Faculty of Education of Masaryk University with a degree in art therapy.

She has held over twenty solo exhibitions and has participated in many group exhibitions at home and abroad. Her work is featured in private collections in Finland, Germany, Israel, Japan and Italy.

“Thinking makes us human, fantasy makes us gods” (Fales)

Andrea on the lessons:
I got the idea to pass on to others that which the Academy and years of practice have taught me. I try to not only pass on basics of the trade, but also that which art has given to me. I never dreamed that the work in the lessons would be so interesting, diverse and joyful. People make huge progress in only three months. It changes them. It is plain to see that it gives them energy and self-confidence. Applicants for entrance exams to art schools improved considerably. Others are living their dream and becoming artists at least for a while and this hobby and the foundation from the course will definitely stay with them for many long years. All kinds of foreigners with a wide variety of nationalities also come to the lessons, which creates an interesting multicultural environment. We were honoured to have had the ambassadress of the South African Republic participate in our course in 2010. In short, a relaxed and friendly atmosphere reigns in the lessons.

“Fear is the worst thing you can fear” (Ancient Chinese proverb)

Drawing and painting can be learned – age and level of proficiency do not play a role, drawing connects education with constructive relaxation, the development of creativity, self-confidence, concentration and the ability to look at things differently while through painting one can express emotion, develop fantasies… Art allows a person maximum freedom. You don’t have to worry about not succeeding.
During the lessons you learn how to master classic techniques for drawing on various materials (natural and artificial charcoal, pencil, chalk, Indian ink) and pastels to painting with watercolours, tempera, acrylics and oil paints. Combined techniques are used in creative exercises. Everybody gets an individual approach and it is possible to degree on the level of difficulty, types of techniques, etc. as desired. The lessons are taught by an academically-trained artist, a professional, not students or high-school graduates as is the case in many other courses.

Students and seniors obtain a discount.

The lessons are held in trimesters (3 months) once a week from 6 to 8 p.m. and a discounted yearly course can also be purchased. It is also possible to join a course in the middle of the year. If you miss, for example, Thursday’s lesson, you can make it up on Tuesday and vice versa. It is also possible to pay for an individual lesson. A consultation of your work is provided free of charge.
Children 9 and up and seniors are more than welcome.

Gift cards – for a delightful gift that brings education, experiences and handmade works of art.

Prices of the course

Prices courses for adults:

3 months (12 lessons) 3.900 Kč
5 months (20 lessons) 5.000 Kč
yearly class (40 lessons)
9.500 Kč
Prices courses for students, seniors:

3 months (12 lessons) 2.400 Kč
5 months (20 lessons) 4.000 Kč
yearly class (40 lessons)
6.500 Kč


We look forward to seeing you!
Mgr. Andrea Forsterová

Andrea Forsterová-Stříbrná
Výtvarné kurzy, ARTCLASS
U Půjčovny 9
Prague 1
+420 777 533 112